Partnering with Noble

Profile of a Partner

Noble is actively looking to work with owner-operators of a business who are considering an exit plan. We have a passion for local businesses in the upper Midwest because they reflect our values. We are seeking to work with companies with an annual free cash flow between $500k-$3M.

Why work with us

Like you, we are also business owner-operators. We speak the same language you do and know what it takes to make a business successful. We are not financial engineers in suits.

We have shared entrepreneurial, midwestern values of hard work and doing what is right. No excuses.
We want to invest in growth. We are most interested in the long-term success of the business and are happy to invest annually to achieve that.

We believe in building on the legacy of the founder. We think your legacy gives us a solid framework on which to move forward.
We care about the community and believe it is our responsibility to give back. We live and work in the Midwest. We want to see our neighborhoods and cities grow and do well. When that happens, all of our neighbors benefit. You’ve planted a seed and watched it grow. We plan on watering it, nourishing it, and making it even stronger.

What to expect

We are naturally curious. We have a lot of questions, and we bet you do too. You want to get to know us, and we want to know you and your business as much as we can.
There is no commitment to having a conversation. If nothing else, we get to meet interesting people, learn about their business, and perhaps find other ways to help each other.
If you’re ready to transition and sell your business, we’d like the opportunity to help.

Curiosity- It keeps us moving forward, exploring, experimenting, opening new doors- Walt Disney (Walt grew up in the midwest too.)

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