Who we are

We are a long-term holding company established to acquire local owner-operator businesses and build upon the founder’s legacy.

What we believe in

We believe in being good corporate citizens, doing what is right for all stakeholders, and driving growth through reinvestment in the business and strategic operations.

We see a population that is ready to transition and we wanted to create an exit option for them that reflects their values, leaves their company in good hands, and hopefully helps it grow and thrive through reinvestment in the business and strategic operations.

Noble recognizes the important role small businesses play in the community. If you are ready to hand those small business ropes to someone else, we should talk.

Meet Noble

Joe Johnson


After earning his law and master’s degrees from the University of St. Thomas in 2008, Joe Johnson began a career in business and went on to hold a number of executive leadership positions where he was responsible for managing operating companies, launching new businesses, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

He has led multiple leadership transitions and transformations as well as provided strategic planning and leadership for start-ups. Today, he is the president of Ostra Cybersecurity, a company that protects small and medium-sized businesses from data breaches and ransomware attacks. As president, he is responsible for taking the company vision and turning it into reality.

Johnson is also a founding partner of Colonial Park Partners, a company that supports other entrepreneurs with strategic business growth by helping to remove the roadblocks that are preventing them from moving forward

Matt Donovan


Matt joined the Air Force right after high school and spent 9 years in operations. Transitioned from the military to the private sector working in small to medium sized founder-operator businesses focusing on scalable operational value creation.

He has worked with national brands in developmental and M&A scenarios. Matt is also a partner in Colonial Park Partners and consults with clients that range from start-up leadership to billion-dollar supply chain restructuring.

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